365 Synthetic Snow Park

Powder Ridge is looking forward to introducing our new 365 Synthetic Snow Park this summer! The planned opening is Sept. 2, 2017 and we will be featuring a 500-foot run for skiing and boarding plus two tubing lanes.

We are also bringing in a second Magic Carpet to be installed right near our new high-tech version of “artificial turf.”

Sean Hayes, CEO of Powder Ridge explains, “Skiing 365 days a year has been happening all over Europe for many years. It is made possible by a high-tech version of “artificial turf.” 365 Synthetic Snow by Yiippi uses high quality plastic polymer “fingers” that provides a slippery surface, (without water) but still provides the user the ability to carve for turning and stopping.” Hayes continues, “that’s just the beginning by the summer of 2018 the 365 Synthetic Snow Park will go all the way to the top of the Ridge, that is over 2,800 feet.”

Park Pass Rates for Synthetic Snow Park

  • $32 for all-day – The all day passes allow access to skiing / boarding and tubing runs.

Reservations are highly recommended for tubing. time slots will sell out.

  • $18 for four hours access to skiing / boarding only.
  • $12 for two hours access to tubing only

Synthetic Snow Park Hours

The Synthetic Snow Park will be open on Friday 4 – 7 pm, Saturday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to dusk. Open for groups during the week by reservations. Discounts for youth groups and groups planning multiple trips. Lessons available. Contact us for details.

365 Synthetic Snow Park Information

„365“ synthetic surface provides the ultimate ski surfaces. Ideal for straight travel, carving and racing. The secret lies in the design of the pins whose cross-section profiles design allows the ski to control to edge, while the minimum resistance to the Ski provides when or flat running slide.

The top ski surface design is known for its gliding properties known to give less friction and more speed. The surface design of „365“ is not only a unique artificial snow surface, but it also offers additional cushioning.

  • Extruded bases are not recommended and may result in a severely damaged base if used
  • Long pants (jeans) are required – not shorts
  • Leather gloves are recommended
  • Helmets are mandatory

Should I wax or tune my skis or snowboard?

Skiers and snowboards will want their equipment sharpened just as they would for winter. However, any winter wax should be scraped from the bottom of the equipment. The surface is a silicon based product and will provide any lubrication needed.

What is like to fall?

Just like skiing or snowboarding it depends on the fall. Wearing gloves, long pants and sleeves will help mitigate any abrasions that may occur. Knee and elbow pads are also recommended. Remember to always ski or snowboard with in your ability.