Paintball at The Ridge!

Paintball party packages are available on weekends.
Paintball will be open Memorial day 10 – 2 pm to the public & season passes holders. 2 – 6pm season pass holders only

Group reservations are available during the week by reservation only. Please call 866-860-0208

Hogan’s Alley Paintball Fields are now at Powder Ridge! This is the only recreational paintball facility in Connecticut.

Book your field trips for youth groups and corporate outings. Customize a day of fun that fits your time and budget. Youth groups of all ages love to play paintball and it makes a great team building activity. Our low impact play is safe and packages include all equipment.

Combine Paintball with other sports activity packages and have a full day of fun at The Ridge.

For information on Group packages, Contact the Sales Team

Hogan’s Alley Paintball in Meriden is Connecticut’s premiere paintball facility, featuring the largest gear selection for paintball and airsoft enthusiasts.

Paintball Rates

Paintball All-Day Pass
For self-equipped players. Includes access to all paintball courses and unlimited air
Paintball Recreational Package
Includes paintball marker, unlimited air, 500 paintballs, and mask
Tournament Package
Includes paintball marker, mask, unlimited air, 500 paintballs
Shooting Gallery (100 Paintballs)$10 for 40 shots
$20 for 100 shots
Field Paint Only
Recreational Paintballs (.50 cal): $20.99 per bag
$73.95 for 4 bags
Tournament Paintballs (Custom Blend)$19.99 per bag
$64.95 for 4 bags
Tournament Paintballs (4 Star- High end markers only):$22.50 per bag
$74.95 for 4 bags

Paintball Party Package

Paintball Party Event DescriptionPricing
Paintball Party Package
Includes 10 people on a single reservation. This is a 2-hour event on the field. Splat Master, with 200 paintballs.
Includes pizza plus one ice cream cake and drinks.
Upgrade to tournament markers.$10 upgrade per person
Additional Guests$60 per person
Opening weekend for all Mountain sports May 25th. We will be open on Memorial Day May 27th.