Mountain Bike Lessons

Powder Ridge is not just a great place to learn to ski and board, we’ve got great mountain bike lessons as well! We take our terrain-based learning approach, using sculpted areas and step-by-step instructions to teach the fundamentals. Riders learn new skills, build confidence and have fun.

The ABCs of Terrain Based Learning

  • Action Stance – We teach students to be balanced on their bikes in an athletic agile position allowing them to respond to terrain changes.
  • Braking – Starting from a walk we guide guests through a progression demonstrating how to use disc brakes to control their speed.
  • Cornering Correctly – Using small banked turns guests learn to keep their body upright while leaning the bike into the turn.

Developing a solid foundation riders progress from our learning area to the pump track and then up the mountain.

Powder Ridge Mountain Biking