Snowbike Lessons

If you can ride a bike, you can snowbike! Snowbiking is the easiest way to enjoy the full mountain experience. Whether you have never skied or now have physical limitations; snowbiking is for you.

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort now offers lessons and rentals of the Brenter Snowbike® B6 SkibikeBefore you rent a B6 Skibike at Powder Ridge, a one -hour lesson is required. After successfully completing the program, you’ll receive a license allowing you to rent the B6 Skibike at Powder Ridge or any other facility renting the B6 Skibike.

One-hour License Lesson Program – $144

With two mini- skis on your feet and two skis (for wheels) on the bike you have a stable four points of contact with the snow. This eliminates the anxiety many beginners have when learning to ski. No need to worry about your back or knees, the comfort and support of the bike creates a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Includes group lesson with your instructor, equipment and a 4 hour lift pass. We strongly suggest making reservations in advance by calling us at (866) 860-0208.

Once you have your license, you can rent or buy your snowbike from Powder Ridge.

If you are using your own boardbike or skitrike, make sure you have a leash attached to your equipment and yourself. If you have your own skibike, no leash is required.

If you are renting a SkiBike you must either have your Brenter Snowbike Cetificate or take a 1 hour certification class.