Terrain-Based Learning

Powder Ridge utilizes the Terrain Based Learning System which has been widely recognized as “game-changing” within the snow industry and has been adopted by some of the best ski schools in the country.

What is Terrain Based Learning?

Terrain Based Learning makes learning to ski or snowboard easier and more fun. By using shaped snow features to naturally control your speed and body position, Terrain Based Learning removes the traditional fears and anxieties, allowing you to focus purely on the fun!

The Terrain Based Learning area with progressive learning stations simplifies the process of learning down to five stations. To begin your lesson head to Station 1 – The Flats; follow the instruction on the signage for the Self-Guided lesson or meet one of our instructors for the Instructor Guided lesson.

You will then proceed through the five stations as you master them. Progressive learning stations are utilized in the Terrain Based Learning area and Lower mountain (Minifield).

The results are awesome!

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Powder Ridge is the only ski area in Connecticut offering terrain-based learning techniques for all lessons.

The Ridge’s Terrain-Based Learning methods are not like a traditional lesson. In terrain-based learning students are taught on snow shaped features that mimic what they will find on mountain.  We develop the skills needed to become an all mountain skier or rider by playing with a coach on all of the different elements of our shaped terrain.

This revolutionary technique makes learning fun and extremely successful even for skiers and riders with some experience.