What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes. Athletic shoes and socks, no open toe shoes. A full face helmet for the downhill trails or lift access is recommended. Helmets are required for all mountain activities. We recommend that you have protective body armor that includes, leg protection, chest protection, elbow pads, gloves and goggles.

What bike specifications are required for downhill mountain biking?
Mountain bikes must have front and rear brakes. We highly recommend a minimum wheel diameter of 26″, a minimum of 4″ of shock travel and disc brakes. We recommend all seats be set at a lower position. Riding a downhill or enduro mountain bike with plush suspension and big brakes will provide a more enjoyable riding experience.

The downhill mountain biking trails at Powder Ridge are specifically designed to be ridden on full suspension mountain bikes with at least 5 inches of travel (6-8 inches is optimal). The trails are rocky, bumpy and become much more difficult without high quality suspension. Front suspension only (hard tail) mountain bikes are not forbidden but not recommended. BMX bikes are not allowed on the downhill mountain bike trails. Bikes without at least front suspension are not permitted.

Can I bring my own bike?
Absolutely. We do not allow Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes or Beach Cruisers.

All brakes must be a v-style or disc brake configuration. No single pivot brakes are allowed.

Are repairs available at Powder Ridge?
Not at this time.

Where should I go when I arrive at Powder Ridge Park?
Head to the rental building to purchase your pass and sign or hand in your waiver. Please leave bikes outside of the building. Walk your bike, do not ride around the lodge.

Can I ride in the rain?
If there is a light, steady rain, we may leave the park open, but we will not jeopardize the trails. Trails are prone to disrepair if ridden when they are too muddy. We will close the park if storms with lightening are heading in our direction and we will continue to stay closed for 30 minutes after the last streak. No refunds will be given if you are in the park for more than one hour.