Paintball at Powder Ridge FAQs

Yes. We provide a safe environment for all ability levels to enjoy the game. We have a one-referee to 10-player ratio minimum. Paintball markers have a barrel sock on at all times except during gameplay to prevent being shot at close range by accident.

Masks are required at all times in the playing area. Masks protect each player’s eyes, face and ears from injury.

It doesn’t have to! Choose the type of paintball that best matches your level. Our exclusive low-impact paintball types ensure no one goes home with welts.

Paintballs shatter on impact, so we recommend long sleeves and pants all year. Loose-fitting clothes are best. Proper footwear is needed, with no open toes.

Wear layers in colder weather as it’s warm while playing and chilly during the breaks.

When you come to the field, wear proper clothing and footwear as mentioned above. Wear sunscreen and use bug spray, tick repellant is helpful when on the woods course.  Bring a camera with a waterproof case to protect it. We have cases, sun screen and bug spray available to purchase in the retail store.

Sure! We recommend a waterproof case to protect your camera; they can be hit by a paintball. We sell the waterproof cases in the retail store.

Yes, each player will receive gear fitting and safety instructions from our staff before play.

Yes! Powder Ridge has a full cafeteria-style food service area, plus our Fire at the Ridge restaurant is open Wednesday though Sunday. Outside alcohol is prohibited.

No. Our paintballs are specially formulated to fire at the specific velocity of our rentals. We can’t be sure of the quality, freshness, or storage of paintballs from outside. That wouldn’t be safe.

Yes, you will need to purchase a spectator pass and sign a waiver. Passes are $7. Lift service is available to some of the areas.

We recommend purchasing tickets online. You will then be sent a waiver link. Please have everyone in your group fill out the waiver prior to coming, it will get you on the fields faster!

You can purchase on site at the retail store in the lodge or out at the fields. You will then proceed to the fields to pick up your rental equipment. You’ll be fitted and receive instructions before play.

The fields are located on the right hand side of the mountain. Park in the main lots and follow the road along the pond to the fields.

Low-impact paintballs have half the mass of a normal paintball and are about 25% smaller. Less weight means less impact. The smaller ball flies straighter and has less wind resistance. It’s a great choice.

Paintballs wash out easily as they are not real “paint.” The filling is designed to be food-grade safe, biodegradable, and wash out easily.

Weather changes every day and the forecasts are frequently wrong.  We will open in the rain. Access passes are non-refundable and 48 – hour notice is required to reschedule. Check the website’s hours page for closing due to serve weather. If there is a thunderstorm and we have a delay of game, your missed time will be added on at the end.

Open Play means we will add players to the field you are on to fill the field. The more players there are, the more exciting the games are. Open Play is always less expensive than Private Play and offers more flexibility with cancellations and rescheduling.

Private Groups have their own staff assigned to them. Their staff will conduct the safety orientation, and gear fitting, officiate games, and keep track of paint and air consumption.

Private Groups get personal attention, and must be reserved.

Tickets are non-refundable. You may change the date with a 48 hr. notice by call the reservation desk 866-860-0208. We typically due not close due to rain, please keep posted to the website’s hours page for update information.

Paintball is a fun family activity where you launch brightly colored balls of liquid that splat.

We are currently not offering Airsoft. Airsoft is a military simulation where players shoot high-velocity hard plastic bbs at each other with replica weapons. Our airsoft guns are high-end, and the impact is higher than most people are familiar with. We recommend airsoft for ages 14+ due to the impact and weight of the gear.

We offer discounted youth group packages (camps, P&R, scouts, etc.) and for groups of 25 or more.  We also offer party packages which include passes, food and a reserved area. Call group sales at 866-860-0208 to reserve.

We recommend 8 yrs. + The shooting gallery offers guns secured on mounts and you hit targets. This is easier to start with.

You must follow the rules and never use your marker outside of designated areas. There are other sports and activities going on all around the paint ball fields, not to mention spectators.

1st offense your ticket / wristband will be canceled and no longer able to play for the day.

2nd offense you will be escorted off the property.

3rd offense you will no longer be welcomed to play at Powder Ridge.

Please take safety precautions seriously

The fields are located on the trail named Middlefield (see map) and over on the right side of the mountain.  There are purple directional signs located on property.

powder ridge paintball
powder ridge paintball