Powder Ridge takes a stand on safety – helmets required

family-helmetsPowder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is taking a strong stand on safety by mandating helmets for all skier and snowboarders on the mountain. Powder Ridge is the only ski area in the country to require the use of helmets for skiing and boarding. The mandate continues a long-standing tradition of safety-first that was first introduced at Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, the Ridge’s sister adventure sports park located in Portland, Connecticut.

“Our philosophy is for kids of all ages to be free to explore adventure sports in a safe and protective environment,” says Sean Hayes, Powder Ridge’s CEO. “We understand how nerve-wrecking it can be to send your child onto the slopes for the first time. Parents can be assured that all safety precautions are in place at the Ridge. We mandate U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets and around-the-clock life guards at Brownstone and we will follow the same high-standards here with helmets and the highest ski patrol protocols.”

One-third of our mountain is a learning center. Our success at Brownstone Park is largely based on creating an adventure park where kids and adults are free to truly test and develop their abilities but where parents and loved ones can be assured that we have implemented some of highest safety protocols that will help keep their loved ones safe. Requiring helmets is one of those protocols.

One-third of our mountain is racing. We will have gates, timing for all to use. All racing programs already require participants to wear helmets, we are just opening the racing trails for everyone to use.

The final one-third of the mountain is our terrain park. Unlike other facilities that isolate their terrain park features we have placed them throughout the entire park for all skiers and boarders to enjoy.

Although wearing a helmet will not eliminate head or neck injuries, wearing one can reduce severity of many direct injuries such as skull fractures, abrasions, lacerations, and bruises. When it comes to more significant brain injuries including concussions, wearing a helmet offers some protection. Some protection is better than none.

“Please understand, It is not our intent or desire to regulate personal safety preferences of our customers, but because we live in a insurance-driven and litigious society, the decision to wear or not to wear a helmet on a mountain that is privately owned is no longer a decision that only effects the individual.” Hayes continues, “I grew up on motorcycles so I understand the value of being able to choose, but unfortunately we are not a public road and therefore are not protected by the government’s no-suit shield. “Unlike other mountains across the country that have primarily a powder base, we are one of the most southern of all the New England ski areas, therefore we are faced with harsher snow conditions than other mountains.”

We have trusted our customers to tell us what they wanted, and overwhelming you have shared your vision of a family park that offers skiers, boarders and bikers of all levels a challenge but in a friendly and safe environment and this policy was made with all of that in mind. Some individuals may not agree but knowing we are an adventure sports park, wouldn’t your loved ones feel better knowing you have a helmet on?

Helmets – If not for you, then for your loved ones.

Visitors can bring their own helmets or rent helmets and head socks from the Rental and Leasing Center for $10 – $13 per day.