Rental & Leasing Center

Ski, Snowboard & Snowbike Daily Rentals

Powder Ridge rents all the gear you need to enjoy skiing or riding this winter. Our retail store offers hats, coats, gloves, goggles, pants and more for purchase so you’ll stay warm on the coldest of New England days.

Winter Seasonal equipment leases are sold online. After purchase you will be prompted to set up a fitting. Click here to purchase season lease

Rental Gear8 Hours4 Hours/ night
Skis, Poles, Boots & Helmet$45$40
Snowboard, Boots & Helmet$45$40
Skis or Snowboard or Boots each item$28.
Poles only$12
Brenter Snowbike® B6 Skibike*$89$69

* The first time you use a Brenter B6 Skibike by Snowbike, a lesson is required for full access. After completing your lesson, you’ll receive a license allowing you to rent at Powder Ridge & other Snowbike facility’s in the future.

Winter Gear Repair Services

Our on-site team has the know-how to fix up your gear to industry standards. Services available all week during the season, but you may need to leave your gear with us for services during busy periods.

Binding Adjustment$25
Binding Mount$45
Quick Sharpen
Machine only.
Hand Sharpen
Takes less off.
Race Sharpen
Has variable edge angles.
Quick Wax
Machine only.
Hand Wax
All-temperature wax is used.
Quick Sharpen & wax$38
Race Wax
Different temperature waxes used.
Full Tune-Up
Machine base grind and minor base repair.
$55 and up
Race tune , no wax$60
Race Tune-Up
All sharpening and waxing is done by hand.

Helmets are required for all skiers and riders at Powder Ridge. Equipment leasing programs do not include poles.

Mountain Bike Rentals

Select Your Mountain BikeRental Fee - full day
Scott Ransom Downhill Mountain Bike $99
Rossignoll Alltrack Downhill$85
Rossignoll Youth Downhill Mountain Bike $79
Hard-tail bike $89
Full face helmet$17
Knee pads or Elbow pads$10
Full face, knee & elbow pad package$29

Summer Gear Repair Center Services

Our on-site team has the know-how to fix up your gear to industry standards. All bikes welcome!

Bike tune-ups and repairs are available.

Appointments are not required. Drop off at the Rental building Tuesday through Sunday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Service Repair (Exclusive of parts if needed)Price
Wheel True$25
Flat Repair - Tubed Tire$15
Flat Repair - Tubeless$15
Lever Bleed$15
Brake Bleed$30
Replace Brake Pads$15
Replace Chain$15
Replace Cable$15
Replace Derailleur Hanger$15
Align Derailleur Hanger$25
Adjust Cable / Index Gears$15
Greas Headset$40
Tier 1 Tune-up$80
Tier 2 Tune-up$130