Social Distancing Guidelines

All Powder Ridge employees will be receiving cleaning and sanitizing training.

Guests who do not maintain social distancing or practice safe behavior will have lift privileges revoked and will be asked to leave.

We recommend printing and signing entrance waiver prior to arrival, this will save time and further contact.

Mountain Biking

  • Powder Ridge will operate at 50% capacity.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be at building entries and at the base of the lift.
  • Guests will maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times over the entire property including parking lots and lift areas.
  • Respect of social distancing applies not only to fellow riders but also to resort employees. All employees will wear appropriate PPE
  • Lift passes are available to purchase online only.
  • Riders will handle only their own equipment and should not pick up anyone else’s gear
  • Rental bikes will be available only through online transactions.
    • Renters entering the Rental building must wear a mask.
    • Bikes will be cleaned with disinfectant between each rental.
    • Bring your own if you can
    • Lifts will be limited to one person per chair, every other chair
  • Riders must wear a mask or face covering when congregated in the base area and when they enter any building.

Lift Procedures

  • “Wait Here” signs will be spaced 6 feet apart denoting the lift line.
  • A gloved lift attendant will load each bike, sanitizing their gloved hands between bikes.
  • Riders will load each chair solo unless with a child from their household.
  • Riders will load every other chair
  • At the top a gloved attendant will take bikes off the chair and place them in a rack.
  • A lift attendant at the top will disinfect the chair

Disc Golf

  • Participants should golf by themselves or only with members of the same household.
  • Participants will avoid touching golf baskets.
  • Participants will use their own discs
  • If participants are renting discs, they will complete their transaction online.
    • Discs will be disinfected between guests


The opening date for Tubing is to be determined.

  • Tubes will be disinfected between guests.
  • Guests will be spaced at least 6-feet apart on the carpet lift.
    • The carpet lift line will be marked at 6-foot intervals
  • The on-deck waiting area at the top will be marked to help guest maintain a 6-foot separation while waiting.


  • Open and operational with an increased cleaning and disinfecting schedule
    • All guests must wear a mask or face covering while in the base area and inside any building.
    • All high traffic surfaces will be disinfected multiple times per day.
    • Prominent display of multiple signs from the CDC Print Resources page to promote safe behavior, educate and reinforce proper handwashing.
  • Restrooms will be “fogged” with disinfectant multiple times per day.
  • Employ touchless entry, exit, flushing and faucets where possible.
  • On the restaurant level, restroom traffic is one-way. Enter on the Southwest side (closest to lift three) and exit through the tavern.